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Expert Guided, "One on One" Strength Training

Exclusive and Safe-- Just one client and one trainer per time period.

Special Covid-19 announcement:

As of 5/29/2020 with Illinois officially moving into Phase 3 of the state's re-opening plan, by-appointment personal training is allowed.  Thus, the Strong Life Personal Training facility is fully open and operational. All training sessions will literally be conducted in a "one on one" fashion with just one client allowed into the exercise facility at a time. Just you and your trainer and no one else -- virtually your own private exercise facility.  Additionally, all machines cleaned and disinfected prior to your use.

Smarter Exercise, Better Results, Less Time


Exercise should always help and never harm.  Yet, injuries are exactly what many other exercise programs and methods lead to.  To make exercise as safe as possible, at Strong Life Personal Training we specialize in an ultra-safe, low force exercise method that builds up your body rather than tear it down.  Our exercise specialists are at your side to ensure that every exercise is performed exactly as it should be for optimum results and lowest risk of injury.

Strong Life has always offered an ultra-safe exercise program, but now in the age of Coronavirus, safety takes on a whole new meaning. Our facility and service offers the ultimate safe exercise experience by completely avoiding the crowds and high use of commercial gyms and fitness centers, or the multiple clients at a time of other personal training studios.  At Strong Life you'll experience your very own private facility, exercising with no one else in the room other than you and your trainer.


Results.  Maximum benefit. Body transforming. Age defying.  Proper exercise has the ability to produce a truly amazing array of benefits and positive physical changes.  Most people never scratch the surface of what's possible. At Strong Life Personal Training, our "evidenced based", scientifically proven exercise program is designed for maximum results.  Literally every aspect of our program, facility, and equipment has been chosen to optimize your exercise and your results.  Every minute of your time in the gym is designed to lead to a better you!

Time Efficient

Being safe and effective is not enough.  Spending hours and hours in the gym each week is not wise, even if physical benefits result from it.  Many people don't have the time or the inclination to "live" at the gym. Thankfully, you won't have to, because the same exercise program we use to maximize safety and results, also just happens to be the most time-efficient full-body workout in existence.  All that's required is just two, 30-minute exercise sessions per week.  One hour per week -- that's it!

On top of this, an exercise program that requires fewer weekly sessions equals less total program cost.  Which means, Strong Life Personal Training saves you time and money and gives you a greater return on your investment!


 The benefits of exercise, or results from your efforts, are not linked with the amount of time spent in the gym. Rather, benefits
and results are a product of the QUALITY of the work you do in the gym. At Strong Life Personal Training we teach you how to get the most from your workouts in the safest, most effective, and time efficient manner possible ... and we are right with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Training Services

At Strong Life Personal Training, we offer appointment-based, one-on-one strength training sessions.

All sessions are 30 minutes in length and are conducted under the watchful eye and the direction of an educated, and trained professional exercise instructor.
We utilize a sound and sensible, "evidenced based" approach to exercise to help you safely and efficiently achieve your fitness goals.

During each 30-minute session you will complete 8 to 10 exercises designed to address the various major muscle groups, achieving a total-body workout more effective then anything you have ever experienced before.

All training services paid on a month to month basis via our credit/debit card auto-pay program.

2 Sessions per Week

Averages 8 sessions per month, 9th session free when applicable.


($52.50 each)

3 sessions per Two-Week Period

Workouts scheduled in approximate 5 day intervals, average of 6 sessions per month.
7th session free when applicable.


($52.50 each

1 session per week

Average of 4 sessions per month. 5th session free when applicable.


($52.50 each

Our Team    

Tim Ryan, Founder/Owner    

Tim is owner/operator of Strong Life Personal Training. He has personally been involved with exercise for 42 years and currently has over 36 years of professional work experience in the health and fitness field.

Tim holds Bachelor of Science degree in exercise from Northern Illinois University. He has earned a number of nationally recognized fitness and personal training certifications over the years including: Health/Fitness Instructor with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM); Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE); MedX® Exercise Technician with the University of Florida, Center for Exercise Science; and Master SuperSlow Instructor with the SuperSlow Exercise Guild (SSEG).

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